Our members specialize in this trade, providing our contractors with the highest-quality work on every project. Union Iron Workers don’t have a job, they have a career. With the ability to work across the United States and Canada, members take pride in being the best. Our vision is to grow our membership by signing new contractors and performing at a level that will maintain a larger contractor base. Our strength is that we are, and will continue to be, a team working to make our Union more successful.

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Iron Workers Local No. 387 includes 121 counties, including the Metro Atlanta area as well as reaching as far North as Rome, Georgia and Anderson, South Carolina; East to areas around Dublin, Georgia; South to Albany, Georgia; and, West to Auburn, Alabama.

Skills USA

Skills USA

Skills USA

Skills USA

Habitat for Humanity SWEAT Project 4/30/2002

BA Shawn Cody & Tim Seibert & Joseph Barclay

Habitat for Humanity 4/30/2022

Habitat for Humanity 4/30/2022

Shoot For Cure
Dawn Carlson

Shoot For Cure
Philip Adkins | Gator

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ANNOUCEMENTS: Union Meeting| Nominations 6/9/2022 @ 7:00pm
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