Know Your Union

Know Your Contract


ConnectorsIt is hereby agreed by the Union and the Employer that the Union will not resort to strikes (which include stoppages or slow-downs of work) during the life of this Agreement. Accordingly, neither the Union or the Employees will instigate, promote, sponsor, engage in, honor, support or condone any strike, sympathy strike, slowdown, picketing, concerted work stoppage or any intentional interruption of production during the life of this Agreement by reason of any dispute or difference of opinion between the parties hereto, save and except the failure of either party to abide by the terms of this Agreement as adjudicated by a competent State or Federal Court of final judgement after the exhaustion of all efforts to resolve the ssues through arbitration procedures in Article 2 – Settlement of Disputes.

Any Employee or Employees engaging in the above-prohibited activities shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or discharge.

In the event a grievance is filed by the Employer alleging breach of the above terms by employees, the sole question for arbitration shall be whether the Employees are engaged in prohibited activities under this Article.

The Employer agrees that there shall be no lockouts for the duration of this Agreement.

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