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Organized labor has been a consistent part of the American fabric since the colonial times. All workers have the right to join together to collectively bargain for standard wages and benefits as well as established working conditions.

About Us

 The International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers was organized on February 4th, 1896 with the mandate to create safer and better working conditions across the trade. Currently there are more than 150 local unions across the United States and Canada, representing over 100,000 tradesmen and women.

Iron Workers Local No. 387 was chartered through the International Association on January 30th, 1924. The mission of Iron Workers Local No. 387 is to provide the industry with the most competent, productive and safest work force capable of performing the broad spectrum of tasks required of the Iron Worker. Through collective bargaining we have standardized wages and benefits.  This allows us to provide the necessary workforce to complete any project.

We continuously work with the Atlanta Steel Erectors Association to make our market more attractive.  This program allows us to increase the success in obtaining and completing projects. Through tracking of DOL wage surveys and the use of Market Recovery efforts, Iron Workers Local No. 387 continues to affect change.

The jurisdiction of Iron Workers Local No. 387 includes 121 counties, including the Metro Atlanta area as well as reaching as far North as Rome, Georgia and Anderson, South Carolina; East to areas around Dublin, Georgia; South to Albany, Georgia; and, West to Auburn, Alabama.

Who are we?

Our common goal is to meet all contract requirements by completing projects safer, faster, and with a higher quality than our competition. Our vision is to grow our membership by signing new contractors and performing at a level that will maintain a larger contractor base. Our strength is that we are, and will continue to be, a team working to make our contractors better and more successful. In this way we will continue to lift up those who are a part of Iron Workers Local No. 387. Members of Iron Workers Local No. 387 specialize in this trade, providing our contractors with the highest-quality work on every project. Union Iron Workers don’t have a job, they have a career. With the ability to work across the United States and Canada, member take pride in being the best. “United we stand, divided we fall”

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