BA Report


Journeyman :595 | Probationary :47 | Apprentices:78

July 8, 2021 
Man Hour Report

We are interviewing applicants every week and taking in new members who meet the required criteria for the probationary program. If you know someone who has 4 years or more experience and you think that they would make a good union member please have them contact “Shawn Cody or Juan Wences” at the Hall.(404) 505 – 0022.

We Should have probationary members taking the JSIW test over the coming months, those who pass will be topped out and the ones who fail will be slotted into the apprenticeship or terminated

Monthly Man Hour Report : Contact BA Shawn Cody
Work Statistics Below

(404) 505 - 0022

Total Members on the Book

Total Available to Work

  • A List = 22
  • B List = 0
  • C List = 0
  • D List = 2

Total Members by ClassificationJIWProbationaryApprentice

Ashton & Co1Williams63



McAbee Cedar Springs2

McAbee Cottonton6

MidWest Ga State37

Precision Stone10

Total Working369

ANNOUCEMENTS: Union Meeting 07/08/21 @ 7pm held @ Union Hall (In-Person Meeting)

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