Atlanta Iron Workers 387

Online Dues Pay -Use MEMBER# as the INVOICE# for Dues Payment!
Thank you for paying your dues online! It’s easy and secured by, a trusted payment processor.  EFFECTIVE 5/1/18 There are NO processing fees; LOCAL 387 does NOT accept CASH payments.

Journeyman Dues (1) Month $37.00
Apprentice Dues (1) Month $36.00
Probationary Dues (1) Month $36.00
Honorary Dues (1) Month $8.40
DOBY Travel Service Dues $10.00 each week
Hurt Member DONATION

Injured Members are listed below:
Russell Enlund | Dylan Perry |Thomas Smith | Greg Gibson | Jeff Simerly


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ANNOUCEMENTS: Union Meeting| Nominations 6/9/2022 @ 7:00pm
Union Election 7/23/2022 9am - 5pm Saturday