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  • Look around you! Just about every structure in your community - public or commercial - was at least partially built by skilled Union Iron workers.  The schools you attend, the malls where you shop, the buildings your parents work in, the hospital that takes care of us, the bridges we drive over, the water treatment plants that keep us healthy.
  • Iron workers enjoy working outdoors in the fresh air while participating in a trade, which is physically demanding; but exhilarating. Can you picture yourself having the opportunity to work in different and exciting locations throughout your career in the Iron workers?


Journeyman Iron worker wages as of January 1st 2024 is $30.24 per hour. Their benefits are separate from the hourly wages. They consist of an hourly contribution into their: Health Benefits, Pension, Annuity and Training.  Iron workers Local 387 Training Program is a four year Apprenticeship Training plan. You work full-time for our contractors then you are scheduled to attend training classes for one full week every three months. Starting pay is $18.14 per hour with a pay increase every year until you reach Journeyman status, also health benefits are available. You can start at a higher wage rate with previous experience 


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4 year program | 8000 hours

Learn while you earn

109 Selig Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30336

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114 Selig Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30336

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