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20 April 2017

Recently Iron Workers Local Union No. 387 moved the regular meeting night to the second Thursday of the month. This was done by resolution to amend the By-Laws of this local union. As such, the resolution was read three times and approved by those at the November 2016 meeting. The Executive Board of the International Association approved the amending of the By-Laws in January 2017.

Since that time, the local has worked to engage more members and to attempt to get more people to the meetings. As a part of that effort, we have purchased tickets to the Atlanta Braves and work to get those out to the members through drawings at the regular meetings.

At our last meeting, three resolutions to amend were presented to the body. The first resolution changes the criteria of the “Election of Delegates to the International Convention”. If approved, this amendment will change the process for election every five years. It will no longer require voting machines and the election of Delegates will take place at the regular meeting in the month of May of a Convention Year.

The second resolution addresses hurt, ill and injured members. Currently the By-Laws allow for the paying of dues for members hurt on the job. The resolution, if approved, will make it possible to assist members that are hurt, sick or injured off the job. The length and requirements will be the same, but will allow us to help more members.

The third resolution establishes an annual picnic as a part of the By-Laws. In this way, we will not have to vote on a picnic each year and we can start holding an annual picnic again.

If we can hold quorum each of the next two months, we have the chance to get these passed and advance this local together.

The next pin ceremony for Local 387 will be held on the 13 th of May recognizing 15 year members and those having served five year blocks above 15 years. Andy Rodgers has been a member of Local 387 for 70 years and is the longest active member of the local. We will also award the new Journeyman Iron Workers that have completed their 4-year apprenticeship.

On the 20th of May, Local 387 will conduct the next COMET class for the local and visitors of the district council. In this class, we will review where union construction is right now, where it was and where it can or will go depending on the choices we make for the future.

Please stay engaged whenever possible. Be safe on the job and off.


Business Manager / F.S.-T.


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