Standard of Excellence ltr

19 April 2017

At the February regular meeting, there was discussion on the enforcement of the Article 4 — Section N, which states:

  1. An applicant who is discharged for cause two (2)times within a 12-month (l year) period shall be referred to the neutral member of the Appeals Committee for a determination as to the applicant’s continued eligibility for referral. The neutral member of the Appeals Committee shall, within three  business days, review the qualifications of the applicant and the reasons for the discharges. The neutral member of the Appeals Committee may, in his or her sole discretion:
  2. Require the applicant to obtain further training from the JATC before being eligible for referral; and/or
  3. Disqualify the applicant for referral for a period of four (4) weeks, or longer, depending on the seriousness of the conduct and/or repetitive nature of the conduct; and/or
  4. Refer the applicant to an employee assistance program, if available, for evaluation and recommended action; and/or
  5. Restore the applicant to his/her appropriate place on the referrals list.

There was also discussion of the enforcement of the “Ironworkers Standards of Excellence”, which is Appendix A of the International Constitution 2011 Convention amended which states:

As an Ironworker member, I agree to:

Adhere to my responsibilities under the collective bargaining agreement for start and quit times, as well as lunch and break times.

Allow my representative to handle any disagreements or breaches by refusing to engage in unlawful job disruptions, slowdowns or any activities that affect our good name.

Respect the customer ‘s tools and employer ‘s rights, property and tools as I do my own.

Meet my responsibility to show up every day; out fitted for work and fit for duty without engaging in substance abuse.

Cooperate with the customer and employer to meet their statutory, regulatory and contractual responsibilities to maintain a safe, healthy and sanitary workplace.

Do my best to work in a manner consistent with the quality, productivity and safety of every task that I am assigned. Do my best to help even’ co-worker return home safe at the conclusion of every shift.

The Ironworkers ‘ Standards of Excellence will increase the pride, the productivity and the craftsmanship of every ironworker throughout North America. This commitment will improve workplace conditions, increase work opportunities, and help maintain our wages, benefits and standard of living. In addition, the Standards of Excellence will help our signatory employers complete their projects on time, on budget with no injuries or accidents.

in accordance with Article XWI, Section 15 of the International Constitution, charges may be preferred against any member for violations of the Ironworkers ‘ Standards of Excellence, including, but not limited to the following reasons: taking a job referral and not reporting to work, failing pre-employment qualifications, and/or discharged for excessive absenteeism.

As the Business Manager of Ironworkers Local Union No. 387, I would ask that we don’t take on tasks or accept jobs that we are unable to do or unwilling to report to. If you can’t get to work, don’t take the job. It is understandable that things will come up, accidents will happen.

As a member of Ironworkers Local Union No. 387, I would expect our members to adhere to the policies set forth in the past. Our good standing and ability to negotiate good future contracts is based on our ability to be accountable. Accountable to ourselves, our fellow Ironworkers, our signatory contractors, our project owners.

For this reason, the officers of Ironworkers Local Union No. 387, expect full compliance with the International Constitution and the 387 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Effective May I st, 2017 charges will be preferred when necessary in a fair and impartial manner.

This letter was discussed and in length at the April 1 3 th regular meeting.


Robert A. Duffield
Business Manager / FS-T

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